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Melanie Sawyer, Movement Director, Child and Baby Wrangler

Wrangler for Newborns upwards

Cell: (518) 586-0855

Working through COVID:

Covid is a fact of life at this point and I would like to reassure you that it is possible for crews, wranglers included to work with children of all ages in its presence. I am seeing clients such as The Childrens Place, Gymboree, Target, Parents Magazine, Saks 5th Avenue and Ralph Lauren back to a regular schedule with some Covid precautions in place. 

Covid Support and Medic Sevans

Martinez is a prime example of how shoots are now restructuring and working successfully in this new environment. Click here to get in touch with her

Production companies in NYC, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Connecticut are working successfully with children and babies on photographic sets: please feel free to get in touch and I can help direct you to a successful fit.

Effective ways you can learn to protect yourself :

I personally am registered with Tactical Medical Solutions.

TMS University, our online training portal, is an e-learning and information-sharing platform where you will find relevant information on pre-hospital trauma treatment and equipment. Some of the courses available and information covered includes:

  • Information on TacMed Solutions and other products
  • Tactics
  • Effective control of the spread of Covid
  • Discussion groups on many current topics
  • Published clinical reports, studies, and papers
  • Free or low-cost online classes and training
  • Associate Trainer Program members hosted training content
  • Case studies on incidents and uses
  • Anything relevant they can find to help you stay safe!