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Melanie Sawyer, Movement Director, Child and Baby Wrangler

Wrangler for Newborns upwards

Cell: (518) 586-0855

A warning to children using Instagram both in the fashion industry and out of it.

Clients or companies: the people with the power to book you or reccommend you for a booking will rarely search by hashtags, they will search by agency or be reminded of your child by industry professionals and through their IG Daily feed. So if you're looking to have your child work more and you want to use IG to do it (I know very successful kid models who don't have an IG page btw) then focus on friending industry connections, stylists, clients, hair and make up, production companies and staff.

EXCLUSIVE /PRIVATE mode is always best for your childs IG page.

Here are some of THE MOST COMMON HASHTAGS I see predators following.

-the word cute in any hashtag is not reccomended, clients do not EVER look for hashtags cutekids cuteboy cutegirl etc .

-TWEEN hashtags.. thats another description I see a lot on predators searches. tween swimwear or fashion sites or tween swimwear hashtags are a disaster NO LEGIT CLIENT EVER looks for #tweenmodel a pedophile though its pure gold.

-Color and texture of hair

-Color of skin, freckles

-Age of child

-Sports descriptions with child: ie #boyswimming, stretching, gymnastics, ballet, beach, wrestling, Flexible is a HUGELY popular hashtag predators follow, rhythmic dance and god help us: pole dancing (apparently popular in Russia)

-Color of eyes. ie #blueeyedgirl

-Emojis used as responses in shoutout or other pages

-Shout out pages can be dangerous due to the link back to your childs account. IN ALL CASES Check the pages posts to see the % of likes and comments made by men before thinking about accepting the offer. IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY< MAKE YOUR ACCOUNT PRIVATE If you do find a sudden influx of male followers to your account you then have the ability to refuse their follow requests. Your followers wont know any different and it does give you the power to vet new profiles following your child.

Please be aware that if your page is public you are leaving your photos wide open to be screen shot and shared on a global scale to pages that strictly cater to pedophiles. These pages both on public and private mode post children from all over the world they find through hashtags and shout out pages. Under the photo they share the link to the childs account. In some cases they ask for a subscription fee so they are SELLING your info offline. These people are dangerous. Don't take it lightly, Ive seen messages from stalkers threatening to come to the childs home and harm them, Ive seen threats of violence against family members, Ive seen photos and messages of a sexual nature made to pages of babies upwards, this is not a joke, it's a problem that is not taken seriously by the authorities. You MUST protect yourself because Facebook, IG, Tiktok, Musically and the rest of our social media will not take care of it.

If you receive anything of this nature report it to I would like to take this moment to THANK the police who work tirelessly to catch these criminals. I have nothing but admiration and respect for their hard work.

CLICK HERE : We ask that INSTAGRAM PLEASE REVIEW AND IMPROVE the process and create better tools for both yourselves and us to try to combat this global virus.

We ask Instagram to review its policies on how to report PEDOPHILES and SEXUAL PREDATORS and distribution of images to pedophiles. IG has some rules but they DONT WORK!!!

Parents are finding that Instagram denies our requests TO dismantle accounts time after time that contain children in compromising positions and more importantly does not have any mandate for effectively controlling or regulating those that make salacious comments whilst viewing images of young children other than blocking them which does not solve the problem long term.