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Melanie Sawyer, Movement Director, Child and Baby Wrangler

Wrangler for Newborns upwards

Cell: (518) 586-0855

Getting Involved !!!!

Becoming involved in creating what you want to happen to you, your family and your community is very important...and when you have the time... encourage your children to follow your example. My own sons, Felix and Lucas are encouraged where ever possible to make a difference.

Volunteering with my boys at the Greenpoint Community Kitchen, 11222.

Free the Children

This is an awesome project to create and grow with your family as I am doing with mine. This month Felix, Lucas and I decided to sponsor the purchase of two goats through the Free The Children website. In doing so, we have committed to providing a source of nutritious milk & a sustainable income to a family less fortunate than us.

Next month the boys and I will make a donation of $25.00, this can provide many things and they are able to choose as we donate on the site such as a bundle of chicks and school kits for a child.

We are looking forward to helping more as our own finances allow. To donate too, I've put the link in below, there are options to provide free lunches for an entire school, a lifetimes supply of clean water, a farm animal bundle, complete primary school education.. the list is wonderful.

December and its time to give! I am really fortunate to be surrounded by a lot of loving generous people who live on the same street as we do so when I suggested that maybe we could all band together and donate toys for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation in Brooklyn..they helped me hit my goals out of the ball park! Thank you ALL guys!!

An amazing award that came out of the blue.. it stunned me <3

Community Action:

Volunteering at East River Park, Felix, Lucas and I digging and planting to help get the park ready for summer!

The New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

A not-for-profit membership organization whose mission is to eradicate domestic violence and to ensure the provision of effective and appropriate services to victims of domestic violence through community outreach, education, training, technical assistance and policy development.


Raising funds by lending the inflatable castles for my sons wonderful School, MS577 and families still very much in need of help at Breezy Point.

We raised so much money that we ended up having to attach an extra donation sheet to the pole!!

... willing assistants to helped me keep tally !!

Working to help enrich Room to Grow.

Room to Grow is a charity that provides parents raising babies in poverty with one-on-one parenting support and essential baby items throughout the first three years of life in NYC and Boston, Mass. I have long been a supporter of this group and fortunately am able to donate many different items from the photo shoots I am involved in through the generosity of my clients. Thank you to all of you, you are wonderful.


Breezy Point Cooperative fund.

Raising money in the bright sunshine with Felix and Lucas by having bake sales and also donating collected toys, clothes and furniture from generous clients and friends for Hurricane Sandy victims at Breezy Point, Brooklyn.

November found countless numbers of local families without the most basic of things to live

After the force of the Hurricane that swept through the area. Felix and Lucas made cupcakes and cookies and sold them on the stoop to raise funds to give to the Breezy Point Cooperate Fund, we even sold the fundraising table!!!

6th Grade Bookworm Takes a Bite Out of Hunger.

The Greenpoint Gazette, by Andrew Cominelli

Dec 22, 2011

A big Horray!! for Felixs fantastic maths teacher Mr Scott Dalton who worked with him on this, he is a great example to the kids. (@MS577, Brooklyn, NY, 11211.)

Every week, Felix Le Coadic passes long lines of people waiting for food outside the Greenpoint Reformed Church’s food pantry and soup kitchen. Wanting to help them, the sixth grader, an avid reader, came up with the idea of a book sale...cont on link.


A great place to go where kids can have fun!

136 Milton Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11222

PLAYTIME!Brooklyn was created to give kids a place for children to have fun with broadening their communication and social skills with other children and adults alike through interaction and play.

I am a strong believer in manners and respect. At PLAYTIME!Brooklyn I gently prompted Please and Thank You to back up your work at home where ever possible throughout our play sessions.

"A happy child who is aware that people believe in them and is having fun whilst learning how to learn and communicate is the most valuable thing anyone can create." Melanie Sawyer.

PLAYTIME!Brooklyn worked simply for you on a SUGGESTED DONATION basis to enable all accompanied children from newborn to 3 years old to be part of the PLAYTIME!Brooklyn experience regardless of current financial situations.

100% of all PLAYTIME!Brooklyn profits after the rental fee of the hall went to the Greenpoint Reformed Food Pantry which caters to over 700 people a month. Many thanks to the donation of water by NIKA which helped make our valentines day launch even more successful.


Sunday 12th December, PS 31 Magnet School,

PS31, Brooklyn. 11222

Volunteering with Felix and Lucas in the school

yard of PS31 with students, community police

and local businesses Jungle and Foliage to introduce nature in the form of planters into the school yard environment.​


Please help save lives, donate blood & plasma.


Visiting & working with schools and hospitals hit by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans with SoaringWords

Getting involved with Soaring Words, a support network for sick children & their families sent me and my boys to New Orleans to have fun with children who were being treated at the Oschner Hospital, we also had a blast visiting local schools and churches and meeting hundreds of kids along the way.


Working along side of Jeff Church,Founder of NIKA WATER, Melanie Sawyer was responsible for facilitating the primary designs of the NIKA WATER bottles.

100% of NIKA WATER profits go towards bringing clean, safe water to developing countries. At the same time NIKA WATER has launched a program to offset the carbon footprint created by its production of bottles.


Masai Mara, Kenya

Melanie and her sons took an incredible trip into Kenya, Africa with the huge help of Jeff Church ( thank you) , volunteering through workshops and hands on experience with Free the Children.Through leadership training at home and community development projects abroad,

Free The Children works all over the world to empower youth everywhere to make a difference.

Felix and Lucas worked alongside Melanie and other volunteers to dig foundations for an extension on a local school and medical center in the Masai Mara.


Working to raise funds to help

New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Seek help, speak to people, make that phone call,

you are not alone.It is NOT your fault.

24 Hour Domestic & Sexual Violence Hotline

English: 1-800-942-6906

English TTY: 1-800-818-0656

Spanish: 1-800-942-6908

Spanish TTY: 1-800-780-7660


911 para la ayuda inmediata de la policía llame al 911.


A great, down to earth lawyer! I have worked with.

Elaine Avery,

Avery and Avery

1 (718) 444.4575

elaine ([email protected])